Kilian Paris Gift Cards

Spoil your loved ones with a Gift Card. KILIAN PARIS launches three gift cards of 160€, 200€, and 360€. This is the ideal attention for your loved ones to pick the scented creations they have always dreamed of on our online Boutique.*

Gift Card
Gift Card 160€
Gift Card
Gift Card 200€
Gift Card
Gift Card 360€
how does it work?

1 - Select the Gift Card amount of your choice and add it to the cart.

2 - In the billing information form, indicate your first and last name in order for your loved one to know this card comes from you.


The recipient will receive her or his Gift Card personalized with her or his name, a unique code to be used on, and the name of the person who gifted it.

*For more information, please refer to our Terms & Conditions of Sales.