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Fièvre Verte by Kilian

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  • Fragrance Notes
    Kilian Hennessy's Inspiration: Inspired by the city of Paris, KILIAN PARIS presents Fièvre Verte by KILIAN, a hymn to a legendary Parisian liquor: absinthe. The perfume expresses the traditional French ‘Happy Hour’, that early evening window of time when absinthe was served upon sugar into a glass and swirled with a spoon in a slow-paced ritual in which the liquid turns pastel green. This hue reappears in Fièvre Verte by KILIAN, an entirely naturally derived color: tender like a Parisian haze, or a Van Gogh painting coming to life.

    The Perfume: Absinthe essence opens Fièvre Verte by KILIAN with an instant head twist into a nostalgic heart of Violet Leaf and Licorice Root absolute. Its dry-down articulates a unique and precisely chosen facet of Patchouli that resonates throughout, and blends into a trio of earthy woods along with Vetiver and Sandalwood. Fièvre Verte by KILIAN expresses Paris at its best—indulgent and life-changing in its luxuries and wonderful illusions.

    Perfume notes: Absinthe, Violet Leaf, Patchouli.

    Olfactive family: The Liquors.

    Perfumer: Mathieu Nardin.
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Fièvre Verte by Kilian
Fièvre Verte by Kilian
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